Le Carneval de Giovanni

script, direction and corporeal dramaturgy by
Costantino Raimondi


  • Actors
    Pascale Kouba, Laure Myers, Sara Mangano, Guerassim Dichliev, Pierre Yves Massip, Costantino Raimondi, François Guillemoteau
  • Costumes
    Berenice Galimard
  • Lighting Designer
    Guillaume Mentzer
  • Productions
    Salto Théâtre - France
  • Year
    1997 - 2002


  • Festival International Theatre and Arts - Theatre Technis – London – England
  • Teatro Elicantropo – Naples - Italy
  • Théâtre Clavel – Paris - France
  • Festival di Montiny – Metz - France
  • Festival Onze Paris – Paris - France
  • European Cultural Month Festival – Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  • Festival Des Jeunes Contemporains de Paris – Montreuil – France
  • Centre Simone Signoret – Ecouen - France

Director’s notes

Giovanni is a dreamer, visionary surrounded by his family and friends but he is dumb and confined to a wheelchair. He lives in a state of melancholy between dreams and reality, recalling blurred images of his past. A theatrical troupe happily interrupts his silence and incarnates dreams and desires to the patient, so as to allow him to recreate a clear and peaceful memory.

Costantino Raimondi

“Sometimes i see men in skirts,
women with mustaches and children disguised as heroes,
they walk, they stop, where are they going?
It is not known, searching for something, someone, like coffee thinkers. Everybody knows everything, everything knows everybody.
Let’s set off, let’s smell everything.
Drink coloured dew,
eat and arise
with new families, new stories.
Limping ants,
slowly march
across moons and suns as they roll over ideas,
knocking on the door someone, something,
a face made of rope and eyes of canvas,
they catch you, they caress you, in the dark,
full of memories and portraits, forgotten by everything and everyone.”

Costantino Raimondi