Les Couleurs Du Voyage

script by Guerassim Dichliev
direction and corporeal dramaturgy by Costantino Raimondi


  • Actors
    Pascale Kouba, Laure Myers, Sara Mangano, Guerassim Dichliev, Pierre Yves Massip, Costantino Raimondi
  • Costumes
    Berenice Galimard
  • lighting designer
    Guillaume Mentzer
  • Productions
    Salto Théâtre - France
  • Year
    1996 - 2006


  • Olympia (supporter of Raphael) - Paris - France
  • Le regard du Cygne – Paris - Francia
  • Festival Mont Martre En Europe – Paris - France
  • Centre Simone Signoret – Ecouen - France
  • Théâtre Chateaubriand – Saint Malo - France
  • Teatro Longobardo – La Maddalena - Italy
  • Nulle Par Ailleurs (Tv Canal+) - Paris - France
  • La Toccata – Paris - France
Award for the best play in 1996 at the International Festival of Mime and monodrama Zemun - Serbia

Director’s notes

Les Couleurs Du Voyage, is a piece court. Hesitations, stares and doubts. A table, a chair, a letter, muscles, spiritual strength and sentiment and conspiracy. Bodies that interwine in a drowsy blurr. To depart, to love, to betray. Devious movements, murmurs and sweat.

Costantino Raimondi

“I will never forget this morning, when you stared at me and in your eyes i understood, that you wanted to leave, but you couldn’t, you want the game to continue until the colours remain.
Your eyes on my luggage, old plot.
Not just a game.
To stay or to leave.”

Guerassim Dichliev