c. raimondi

My language starts from the body, a means expressed through gesture, thoughts and emotions a collective consciousness, theatrical and contemporary.

Born in Naples (1971). Joint founder of Collettivo Teatro Bardefè, a theatrical workshop directed by Umberto Serra. A journey that started in Naples in the 90s, in venues at via Bonito, at the time the core of Neapolitan artistic ferment, a hothouse for numerous upcoming artists like Luciano Saltarelli, Monica Nappo Kelly, Carla Ferraro, Antonio Pizzicato, Emanuele Valenti, Silvia Albarella, Fabrizio Comparone and Costantino Raimondi, taking advantage of the collaboration and support from professionals of the theatre world like Enzo Moscato, Tata Barbalato, Cosimo Cinieri and others they started producing their first theatrical performances inspired by authors such as Beckett, Garcia Lorca, Camus, Pinget and Karen Blixen.

Graduated at “Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau” in Paris with the maestro Marcel Marceau. During the graduation Costantino Raimondi studied with Gèrard Lebreton – Pantomime, Elena Serra and Emmanuel Vacca - Marcel Marceau’s Technique and Laboratory Of Creation, Corinne Soum, Ivan Baciocchi – Etienne Decroux Technique, Yves Casati – Ballet, Annette Mattox – Dance Jazz, Gaston Vacchia and Jean Paul Denizon – Dramatics, Fabio Mangolini – The Art Of Comedy, Dany and Franc Foucrier – Acrobatics, Sergio Plasterie - Fencing and Theatrical Fencing.

Raimondi made his first debut as director with “Les Couleurs Du Voyage” which won the prize for best play in 1996 at the International Festival Of Mime And Mono Drama at Zemum (Serbia).“Le Carneval De Giovanni” in 1997, is Raimondi’s second important work as director, followed by “Aquarium Ardent” in 2006, where he confronts himself with the dramaturgy of Enzo Moscato, and Arthur Rimbaud, giving the leading role and voice to Guerassim Dichliev, resulting in a detailed analysis and awareness of scenic studies. His latest productions are “PROVE” (rewind)” winner of The Girulà award in 2008 for the best dramaturgy in Naples (Italy) and “Monologue Avec Valise” winner of the award Physical Theater for the best play at Skopie (Macedonia)in 2009 and award for the best International play at Cordoba (Argentina) 2015, Raimondi presented in Italy at the Fringe Festival Naples in 2010 , both plays that dealt with the subject of immigration and nomadism. Founder and Artistic Director of the Salto Theatre Company 1996-2006 Raimondi also collaborated as an actor with the “Nouvelle Compagnie Marcel Marceau” in the play “Le Chapeau Melon” 1997-2000 Director Marcel Marceau and Lackaal Duckric Theater Company for “EGO CENTER” Director Francoise Bouvard 2006-2008. RAIMONDI performed as an actor for the production of Laurent Abecassis, Mathias Ledoux, Noemie Lvosky and Jacques Rivette.


"A laboratory that works on body language is an instrument, a mean to express oneself through the use of a play, dance and mime. So as to be aware of and to recognise the clown that dwells within us."
Costantino Raimondi

Since 1996 Costantino Raimondi has directed various theatrical laboratories in France, Italy and Bulagaria. He is also involved in many theatrical activities like coaching and corporeal body techniques. “Using body – language , one has the possibility to explore universal languages, applying the techniques of Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau and the scene scripts of Antonin Artaud. Work that is based on listening a fundamental element for the start of a “laboratory” where through the awakening of the body, work on the voice and improvisation, poetic forms are constantly created. ‘Make The Visible Invisible’(Marcel Marceau) is to act socially in order that languages reach their theatrical goal, giving the students who follow the courses the possibility to express universal emotions inspired even by everyday life. A laboratory that works on body language is an instrument, a means to express oneself through the use of a play, dance and mime. So as to be aware of and to recognise the clown that dwells within us.”

My language starts from the body, a means expressed through gesture, thoughts and emotions a collective consciousness, theatrical and contemporary.
The aim is to recuperate lyrical resonance through silence so as to give voice weight and depth to the interpreter. It is a theatre of mask and flesh, pragmatic but not psychological.
Oblique movements, murmurs and sweat. The shows are interwined and work on actions of will and desire, not to leave or to stay between dreams and reality.
A journey together with Guerassim Dichliev Pascale Kouba, Berenice Galimard, Sergio Longobardi, Tata Barbalato, Fabrizio Comparone, Antonio Farina, Oscar Valsecchi and Juana Lacorazza with whom I have worked for more than 20 years, years of artistic partage, a cultural journey and spiritual awareness of mine and their souls.

Costantino Raimondi

- Technique(Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau)
- Develop the ability of narrative mimicry and body language to help the actor become more aware of his self. Subject and case of their own interior creative worlds.
- Study on how to be in total command of one’s body, instrument and priviledged channel of communication and artistic expression.
- Form study groups, avoiding the level structure and focalizing on the modality of – work in progress.
- Create and search for a new artistic language that goes beyond the concept of mime and aims at the idea of being the actor of one’s own body and gestural interpretation.

Study techniques (Marceau e Decroux)
Study Isolation
Creative course applied to mime dance - expressive
Concentration and relaxation techniques
Visualization techniques


Teatro Bardefè – Naples - Italy
Pavia University - Italy
Salerno University - Italy
Belgrade Festival - Serbia
International Centre of Music Therapy of Noise - le Grand - France
Isi Arti Associate – Naples - Italy
Association “Il Pozzo e il Pendolo” – Caserta - Italy
Association “Teatro Folli Idee” - Grazzanise - Italy
Poitiers University - France
“Danse Du Murais” Centre - France
Regional Institute Poitiers for the deaf and dumb - France
National Academy of theatre and cinema , Sofia - Bulgaria
European Cultural Month Festival - Plovdiv - Bulgaria
Elicantropo Theatre - Naples - Italy
Windows Theatre of the world - Shenzen - China


Elisabetta and Limone
by Rodolfo J. Wilcock
director Sergio Longobard
Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
(Body Dramaturgy and Coaching to Cristina Donadio)

Mulini a Vento
scripted and directed by Sara Sole Notarbartolo
Teatro Ridotto Mercadante of Naples
(Body Dramaturgy)

Sabato, Domenica and Lunedì
by Eduardo De Filippo
theatrical direction Massimo Ranieri
television direction Franza di Rosa - Rai 1
(Coaching to Enzo Decaro)

  • Sarasole Notarbartolo (playwrite and director)
    "I collaborated with Costantino Raimondi on the occasion of ‘Mulini a Vento’ my personal rewrite of Don Quixote at the Teatro Stabile di Napoli Mercadente...
    ... The flair and intuition he used to guide three actors who were non - dancers in the realization of the scenes, duels, races, battles with invisible enemies, physical transformations was absolutely extraordinary. From nothing their bodies were able to experience and demonstrate all the wonderful present of the story. Costantino Raimondi has the ability to combine joy and rigor creating among the troupe an excellent atmosphere of commitment, effort and tension for ‘improvement’".

  • Enzo Decaro (actor and director)
    “It is difficult to express with words and demonstrate the wisdom that Costantino Raimondi teaches on stage, the use of gesture and body expression becomes more powerful than the use of speech...
    ... It just simply happens by imitation, by osmosis, by intuition, even if only in part, and it is really formidable. His careful grace and his soft professionalism were of great importance to me and of immense support. On the occasion of Eduardo De Filippo, comedy, shown on television by Massimo Ranieri: Pulcinella that i had to interpret, a member of the ‘scombinata’ and the complex family of ‘Sabato, Domenica e Lunedi’, it was heavy and light at the same time, in it’s movements, amateur, but classical in aptitude that poised movement preserving the traditional ‘Pulcinella’ a bit pathetic but easy going at the same time. Costantino Raimondi, approach, loving, close, discreet and punctual, his precious knowledge acquired through the years and through many theatres all over the world were fundamental to achieve an objective that was not easy to reach ‘credibility’ a goal we had set ourselves to accomplish, and for this reason i am very grateful to him. A real custodian of many secrets.”

  • Antonio Iavazzo (director and pedagogue)
    “A few years ago, i had the great pleasure to have my dear friend Costantino Raimondi among my staff of teachers at my school of theatre and acting at ‘Il Pendolo’ in Caserta, to teach Corporeal Mime...
    ... His professionalism, discipline, his mastery of the subject and above all, his clear talent as a pedagogue, were seen in a sharp and unequivocal manner. Another aspect, not less important that i would like to mention about his personality, is his ability to ‘distinguish’ the technician from the man and his existential level. His strength and his great quality is to know how to ‘smile and transcend’ fundamentalism, with the knowledge that only smiles can determine the basis for authentic encounters.”

  • Francoise Bouvard (director)
    “I was lucky to work with Costantino Raimondi between 2008 and 2010 ...
    ... His great ability to invent extraordinary characters maintaining the greatest sincere professionalism, inspired me immensly, especially when he creates totally surreal characters. Costantino has deeply rooted a part of Italy that we french love so much, and that sends us back to a comical and imaginary world. I like to listen to his stories about his life in Naples and about his napoletan family. He is a caring man, professional, honest and friendly, full of initiatives. A joyful melancholic, who loves to listen to music, and who taught me how to make tiramisù - and that is not a small thing!”


  • A Monologue with a Suitcase

  • Prove/Rewind

  • Aquarium Ardent

  • Le Carneval de Giovanni

  • Les Couleurs Du Voyage

  • Marcel Marceau

  • Bardefe'